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Master program on Kubernetes and DevOps

Learn Best DevOps practices in this new era of containerization. This 90+ hours master’s program features expert instruction; a project walk through and Assistance to find you the right Job.

What you will Learn from this Course?

Dockerise your Software Services

Learn Docker, and how Docker facilitate building, Storing, Testing, and Delivery of your software applications.

Continues Integration and Continues Delivery

Learn the best practices to implement CI/CD pipeline in a containerized environment. It highlights Continues Deployment and Team collaboration.

Configuration Management

Learn Configuration Management and how to automate them in a complex multi-tier IT environment. Deep dive to Infrastructure as Code practices.

Container Orchestration and Kubernetes

Learn Kubernetes and how it orchestrates a container-based complex softwareapplication with multiple services.

Container Orchestration and the Cloud

Learn “Kubernetes as service” implemented by Leading cloud computing providers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Scripting and DevOps

Though this is not a Development course, a DevOps engineer use scripting on occasions. We will learn Shell Scripting and Python programming in this context.


“DevOps training in DevOpsOnlinePro has been a great experience and a perfect start for one who is interested to be aware of this field as it covers the software development cycle, networking, cloud computing, config mgnt and continuous integration tools and concepts in great detail. The teacher is very good and helpful!”

Demo Session Videos: Watch our intro video and demo to understand about our program


Watch this video to get understand our master's program on Kubernetes and DevOps. The video give a very clear idea of the program overview.


Here is the demo session video on the Master's Program on Kubernetes and DevOps by our Instructor.


A session on Networking basics by our instructor.

What You’ll Learn: Inside Our Curriculum

90+ Hours instructor lead training on Kubernetes and DevOps

Our DevOps training curriculum is built based on the feedbacks from Industry leading companies and emerging startups. We work with best IT companies continuously and ensure our curriculum is UpToDate with Best Industry standards.

Exercise, Workshop Labs and Assignments

Our instructor, who is a DevOps Practitioner, will guide you through a set of exercise, workshop and assignments to keep you in pace with the actual work scenarios of a DevOps team.

Final Project on DevOps

You will work on an advanced project after you completed all topics. It’s an open source project purely based on micro services which extensively use best DevOps practices.

Unit 1: Dockerise your Software Services

Unit 2: Continues Integration and Continues Delivery

Unit 3: Configuration Management

Unit 4: Container Orchestration and Kubernetes

Unit 5: Container Orchestration and the Cloud

Unit 6: Scripting and DevOps

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It was a great place to learn the Devops from basic to Advance. training is practical based and assignments are helpful to work on real time projects and trainer is helped & resolved the queries even after training batch is over.

Elite Instructor

Our Trainer Basil Varghese, who currently work as the Managing Director of Edudoor has trained over 2000 IT professional on DevOps.

As a DevOps Practitioner, he supports IT corporations - startups and fortune companies - to create a continues delivery path that’s driven by team collaboration and DevOps strategies. Basil recently started his own venture “Edudoor” that enlighten people to share their knowledge to seekers.

Managing Director | DevOps Practitioner

Program Support

Support and Offline Assistance:

Our world-class Learning Management System (LMS) manages all kind of communication and collaboration in a centralized way. All course resources - Videos, Tutorials, Articles by Trainer, Assignments, Quiz, Grading, Reports, One to One chats, Group Chats, Support calls, - are managed and supported. With this LMS, Assistance for your technical and non-technical questions is “one click away”. Chat, Email and Phone support are provided. LMS is free for 3 months, and renewable later on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this DevOps program mostly concentrated on Job oriented?

Yes, this is a Job oriented program, which also includes few projects, that contains ample amount of real time-based scenarios and problems to be worked on.

Is DevOps having a future market?

DevOps is considered to be the biggest turning point of the decade in IT, and its now mandatory for all software companies to adapt DevOps ctices (to compete in market). DevOps currently lead the IT market and continue to do the same in future.

Is fresher’s having jobs on DevOps? If “yes” what type of job roles we can get?

The best recommended path for fresher’s would be to start their career in a Start-up as a devOps Engineer”. This course includes 2 weeks of prerequisite training, which helps beginners understand common IT practices before you begin DevOps training.

How much Salary, We can expert for an DevOps engineer for both experienced and non-Experienced candidates?

DevOps is one of the highly paid Job today. It varies from company to company, but a nowledgeable DevOps engineer with 4 years’ experience gets an average salary of 10L to 15L Per annum.

Are you covering all pre requisites i.e., Linux, Shell Scripting and Phyton?

Yes! We do cover all Pre requisites.

How much percentage of DevOps jobs are there in market at present and in future too!

It might sound funny, but all departments of the companies need to know DevOps today to achieve a great collaboration across the product platform. Core DevOps Jobs may be limited to 15%, a wide guess. As of today, DevOps is one of the most position which companies are trying hard to fill in. You get lots of interview calls when you have a good public profile such as LinkedIn.

What experience of subject we can get from this DevOps Training program ?

Subjective, if you already have experience in to IT domain, your chances might be unlimited with proper learning and project work. If you’re a beginner, you will have more knowledge on “topics” than a 2- year experienced DevOps engineer in general, but “purely subjective”.